My First Proper Night On HamSphere

Well, that was an interesting evening.

I’m really glad that HamSphere is turning out to be all that I expected when I downloaded the software. My first expectation was that it was an online community that had respect for all users from whatever country or background. It is. My second was that with a little effort I could get to grips with the software and enjoy an experience that simulated what Ham Radio users the world over are used to. It does just that. My third was that having used HamSphere I would be encouraged to get a real Ham Radio license and talk to the world over the airwaves. I will definitely doing that in the new year.

This evening I have communicated with Panama City, Canada and the UK. I had wonderful conversations that made me feel a part of this planet and the life that goes on on its surface. That feeling of connection is something that unfortunately platforms like Twitter and FaceBook just cannot replicate. As was mentioned in one conversation I hope that HamSphere isn’t ‘discovered’ by the restless with their short attention spans and is spoiled for those of us who enjoy speaking with one another.

Here’s to HamSphere remaining the great platform that it is. Sometimes things just don’t need to change.

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